viernes, 27 de marzo de 2020

The most censored on the internet is porn and you didn't know it

The most censored on the internet is porn and you didn't know it

Several researchers working at the University of Massachusetts have created a system that they use to measure the censorship that exists on the internet today. The result has been that what is most censored is rape porn due to its violent content. At the moment, this is the most perfect system that has been created and is called "Iclab", which stands for Information Controls Lab. What this program does is analyze and collect all the data found on the internet. Once he has these data, he carries out various experiments by means of which he controls all the information that is distributed throughout the world on the internet.

To measure the censorship on the internet, this program does some experiments using a series of tests that it has standardized and are designed to analyze and detect if there is any type of blockage that web pages have on the internet. The results are saved on their servers and a series of processes begin to discover the censorship that exists. All these data can be consulted on the ICLab website freely. Therefore, the challenge of this company is to gather as much data as possible to have an internet view that is global, comprehensive and totally transparent.

To perform this service, they have used a series of Virtual Private Networks that are found throughout the world. Thanks to them they seek to create a balance between the exactness of the measurements taken and their coverage. This initiative has been running since 2016, since then its system has improved a lot and now it can detect the interaction of malicious code and the change of name servers.

After analyzing more than 50 million data and more than 100,000 different URLs from more than 50 countries that has been made between 2016 and 2018, it has been found that some 3,500 URLs are being censored. The most censored content is anal rape porn in the following countries that are applying more censorship are Kenis, Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, Iran, Russia and Turkey.

One of the most striking things about this study is that some countries such as India or Russia apply, above all, greater censorship when political events occur in the country that do not want their citizens to know about them by information from outside the country.

On the other hand, this tool not only finds the things that are being censored throughout the world, but it has more uses. The program can detect the interaction of malicious codes that web pages have.